Background of Establishment

Voice of Women Organization was established by a group of Afghan professionals from various walks of life.  Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Social Workers were among the pioneers of VWO who started relief activities in Kabul in 1998.  This group of qualified, dedicated and hardworking professionals supported vulnerable women and families on their own before international donors took notice of their work and extended their cooperation.

These partnerships with international donors necessitated the formal registration of the organization with the Government of Afghanistan and the organization became a legal entity in the 2002 by registering with Ministry of Planning, Kabul, Afghanistan.  Once registered, the organization carried out various relief and rehabilitation projects in Kabul and surrounding provinces for two years.

Later, in 2004, the Board of Directors of VWO realized that the Eastern part of the country was receiving much attention, while the need for assistance to the women of the Western Region of Afghanistan was largely unfilled.   As such the Head Office of the organization was shifted to the Western city of Herat and a significant number of projects have been carried out since then for and with the girls and women of this region.

Vision Statement

Equal opportunities for women to develop their potentials to actively participate in decision making and nation building process at all levels.

Mission Statement

We can achieve our goals by promoting gender equality, providing education, legal and social assistance, increasing awareness and expanding resources. We also believe in nurturing women’s capacities through a participatory approach enabling them to lead a successful and meaningful life.

Legal Status

VWO is an Afghanistan-based, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit and non-partisan organization and enjoys the status of a legal entity.  The organization has been registered with following ministries. It also got the membership of some organizations as ACBAR,AWN and ANCB.

Ministry of Economy, Registration Number (270)

Ministry of Women Affairs, Registration Number (275)

ANCB, Membership Number (153)

ACBAR, Membership Number (108)

DUNS (85-051-9499)

DUNS registration number with USAID (123456787)

European union registration number (FR-2007-DWN-2711531429)

Brief Description of Activities in Various Sectors

Specifically focusing on the women’s rights issues, gender equity and equality, VWO has carried out numerous projects in the following sectors:
Legal & Social Protection
Access to Justice
Advocacy for Women’s Rights Legislation
Capacity Building for Social Empowerment
Vocational Training for Economic Empowerment

Legal & Social Protection:
•    Shelter & family counseling projects established in Herat (2005) and in Badghis (2009).
•    Conducted workshops, conferences, awareness campaigns to reduce gender based violence.
•    National level advocacy for legislation to ensure adherence of women's rights.
•    Awareness campaign to reduce cases of self-immolation in Herat province.

Income Generation & Food Security:
•    Vocational Trainings for income generation.
•    Food Sustainable and income generation through livestock and agro-business.

Women Education and Empowerment:
•    Office Skills Training for organization and individual capacity building.
•    Journalism Training Course for young female journalists
•    Literacy Training for women and girls.
•    Hygiene education & water sanitation awareness training.


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